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Herbs for Dogs and Cats from Natura Petz / Herbs for Pets According to Plant Actions from Natura Petz

The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose nor treat disease. If your pet has a serious health problem, consult a veterinarian.

Life’s An Itch, Bionic BodyVitamin Ninja - Used holistically for symptoms of allergies, to help reduce histamine and mast cell response, to help address symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, mucous ad general respiratory problems

Digestion Starter PackI Feel GoodTummy GladiatorI'm Allergic to NeedlesYelp for Kelp Used holistically to promote friendly native gut flora, aid digestion and waste elimination, to help restore healthy flora after antibiotic and/or steroid therapies; to help reduce symptoms related to asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and mucous.

Seal Em & Heal Em, Wound and Hot Spot Starter PackI Cell-Ebrate Life, Bionic BodyShake Ur Groove Thing – Used holistically to help address ulcers, Leaky Gut Syndrome, intestinal wounds and infections, over-acidic conditions, arthritis and intestinal disorders.

Shake Ur Groove Thing, Cleanse and Detox Starter PackGet Well Soon – Used holistically to remove all types of toxins, as an anti-parasitic and cleanser, purifier and detoxifier for the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, cell walls and organs.

Shake Ur Groove Thing,  Get Well Soon, Cleanse and Detox Starter PackI Cell-Ebrate Life – Used holistically for fungal infection, for round worms, tape worms, parasites and ring worm.

Hepa Protect, Hepa Protect, Joint Ease, The Daily PawsAll Shins & GrinsSkin and Coat Starter Pack- Used holistically for hair loss, aids in calcium assimilation and to help keep joints flexible.

Joint EaseBionic BodyTurmeric the MagnificentSoothed & Serene – Used holistically to help address degeneration related to ligaments, connective tissue and bone, for strains and sprains, to help heal broken bones and for torn ligaments.

Life’s An Itch, I Cell-Ebrate Life,  I Want Liquid Immunity  – Used holistically for respiratory ailments related to lungs, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Super Model in a Bottle, Yelp for Kelp, I AM A Rock Star, Dog & Cat Kryptonite – Used holistically to help address endocrine and weight disorders, to support the goiter and thyroid, to help reduce fat and for obesity, to help clean arteries, to help provide trace minerals and to help calcium assimilation.

Easy FlowThat's A Nice Looking BoneImmunity Starter Pack – Used holistically to help support circulation and cardiac function, to provide vein wall support and immune support.

Yummy Tummy, Tummy GladiatorSeal Em & Heal EmCleanse and Detox Starter PackHepa Protect -Used holistically to help address Candida and systemic yeast problems, for all types of parasites, for digestive disorders and to provide cleansing and detoxifying support.

Love Your Liver, Yummy TummySeal Em & Heal EmCleanse and Detox Starter Pack – Used holistically to help the liver, for ear infections, to help support nerve function of the ears, for digestive and anti-parasitic support.

Kick Start My Heart, Easy FlowSeal Em & Heal EmCleanse and Detox Starter Pack – Used holistically to help oxygenate blood, support the heart, for circulation and blood cholesterol levels and for dental problems.

Get Well SoonI Cell-Ebrate LifeBionic Body – Used holistically to help address tumors, cysts, cancer, as an immune builder, as an adjunctive for Lyme disease and auto-immune disorders.

I Feel GoodBody BlissImmunity Starter PackShake Ur Groove ThingI Cell-Ebrate Life,  Get Well Soon – Used holistically to build immunity, reduce inflammation, fight infection, for auto-immune disorders, for cysts, tumors and cancer. 

Joint EaseBionic BodyBody Bliss – Used holistically to help address degeneration and conditions related to arthritis, joints, bone, cartilage and tendons, for flexibility, for arthritis, to build joints and cartilage, to provide MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Yummy TummyGet Well SoonAll Shins & Grins – Used holistically to help address eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other vision related issues, for digestion, for tumors, cysts and cancer, for bone support and mood support.

Yummy TummySuper Model in a BottleI Cell-Ebrate Life –Used holistically for digestive support, for Candida and system wide yeast infection, as a natural antibiotic, for weight loss, for cellular support, for immune support, for auto immune disorders such as Lyme disease and to repel fleas.

Joint EaseI Feel GoodThat's A Nice Looking Bone , All Shins & Grins  - Used holistically to help address degeneration and conditions related to arthritis, joints, bone, cartilage and tendons, for flexibility, to provide MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin, to build joints and cartilage, and to mildly balance hormones.

I Cell-Ebrate Life, I Want Liquid ImmunityYummy Tummy, Tummy Gladiator – Used holistically for cellular support, to build immunity, for mood support, as an antibiotic; for most types of wounds, for abscesses and for auto-immune diseases such as Lyme disease.

Gland Candy, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Super Model in a BottleTurmeric the Magnificent - Used holistically for endocrine support, for goiter and thyroid, for cardiovascular and circulatory support, for obesity and excess weight; to clean arteries, as a trace mineral support and to aid calcium assimilation.

Kick Start My HeartEasy FlowGland Candy, Yelp for KelpGland Candy – Used holistically for  glandular and lymphatic support, to support circulation and cardiac function, to provide vein wall support and immune support, to strengthen the heart and for pets with foamy drool.

Shake Ur Groove ThingGet Well Soon, I Cell-Ebrate LifeI Feel GoodJoint EaseLove Your Liver – Used holistically for parasites, tumors, cysts and as a bowel cleaner.

The Daily PawsHepa ProtectGland CandyYelp for KelpSkin and Coat Starter PackI AM A Rock StarAll Shins & Grins – Used holistically for herbal trace mineral support, for nutritional supplement, to correct dietary deficiencies and to promote a shiny coat

Brewer's Yeast, Garlic Used holistically for fleas.

HorsetailLove Your Liver, That's A Nice Looking Bone, I Am A Rock Star, Hepa Protect  - Used holistically for liver support, for liver disorders, for hair loss, to aid calcium assimilation, for endocrine support and to keep joints flexible.

Kick Start My HeartThat's A Nice Looking BoneI AM A Rock Star – Used holistically for support heart and circulatory health, to support endocrine function and hormonal balance.

Bionic Body, Body BlissGland CandyYelp for KelpThe Daily Paws – Used holistically as a nutritional support for hair and skin, for Omega 3 support, as a multi-vitamin, to encourage healthy skin and coat, to  maintain sound bones, for inflammation and to support immunity and to provide endocrine support.

Yummy Tummy, Love Your Liver, Digestion Starter PackSeal 'Em & Heal 'Em, Shake Ur Groove Thing – Used holistically to soothe intestines, to reduce bloat and as a digestive aid.

Joint Ease, Vitamin Ninja, The Daily Paws, I Am A Rock Star, Seal 'Em & Heal 'Em – Used holistically for arthritis, joint, cartilage and bone problems.

Chanca PiedraYummy Tummy, Urinary Tract Infection Starter PackCat’s Claw, Love Your Liver – Used holistically for urinary infections, and cystitis. Add Stix & StonesBreak It Up and Stone Breaker Starter Pack for all types of stones. 

I'm Allergic to Needles, I AM A Rock Star,  Yelp for KelpLove Your Liver - Used holistically for pancreas support, for adrenal support,  for itching, as a diuretic and for excess uric acid

Yelp for Kelp,, Gland CandyI Am A Rock StarSuper Model in a Bottle – Used holistically for thyroid, for goiter, for glandular imbalance,  to regulate metabolism, and for obesity.

Gland CandyYelp for KelpI AM A Rock Star  – Used holistically for goiter and thyroid health, to remove fat and for obesity, to clean arteries, to provide trace minerals and to help aid calcium assimilation.

Shake Ur Groove ThingI Feel Good, Cleanse and Detox Starter PackJoint EaseYelp for KelpGland Candy- Used holistically as a bowel cleanser and detoxifier, for constipation and for digestive support.

The Daily Paws, Shake Ur Groove Thing I'm Allergic to Needles, Hepa Protect – Used holistically to help support healthy blood cleansing, for skin and coat, to improve general health, for bad breath, as a tonic and to mildly balance hormones.

Love Your Liver, Hepa Protect, Stix & Stones, Yelp for Kelp – Used holistically for liver congestion and hepatitis and for a congested lymphatic system.

Life's An Itch, I Want Liquid Immunit– Used holistically for inflamed lungs & urinary tract, and to enrich milk production for nursing dogs and cats.

Life's An Itch, Yelp for Kelp - Used holistically for a nervous cough, for lung ailments, for lung congestion, and as a lymphatic cleanser.

Yelp for KelpLife's An Itch, Gland Candy, Joint Ease – Used holistically for skin problems, for allergies, for arthritis and as an immune builder.

The Daily Paws,, Shake Ur Groove ThingI Cell-Ebrate Life, Easy Flow – Used holistically as a blood builder and purifier, as a potassium source, as a diuretic, for leg cramps; for kidney support.

Get Well Soon, I Feel GoodI Cell-Ebrate Life- Used holistically for tumors, cysts and polyps, for pain, for fungus, for warts, and anemia.

I'm Allergic to Needles, Dia-Beat-It Love Your LiverBaby Love BitsI AM A Rock StarSuper Model in a BottleI Feel Good – Used holistically to help address symptoms related to diabetes, for healthy blood sugar levels, for hypoglycemia and pancreatic support.

Seal Em & Heal Em, Hepa ProtectSoothed & SereneSerenity ZenYummy Tummy  - Used holistically to help strengthen the uterus, to aid in birthing and delivery, to help prevent hemorrhages and to enrich and increase colostrum production.

The Daily PawsStix & Stones,, Yummy TummyHepa Protect – Used holistically for gout, to reduce uric acid, for digestion, for liver and urinary dysfunction and for sweating.

Joint Ease, Bionic Body, That's A Nice Looking Bone  –Used holistically to help address symptoms related to arthritis, cartilage and joint support and to rebuild cartilage.

All Shins & Grins, Bionic Body, Joint Ease,That's A Nice Looking Bone The Daily Paws - Used holistically for calcium and magnesium support, for weak bones and to balance hormones.

Seal Em & Heal EmYummy TummyLove Your LiverStix & Stones,, - For diarrhea, to soothe inflamed stomach and bowel mucous membranes, to regulate the gastrointestinal system and for constipation.

I Am A Rock StarDog & Cat KryptoniteGland CandyYelp for KelpI'm Allergic to Needles, Super Model in a Bottle – Used holistically as a protein source, for enzymatic support, to support endocrine support, for glandular imbalance and support, for chlorophyll, as a nutrition booster and to reduce the appetite.

Soothed & SereneYummy Tummy, Seal Em & Heal EmStix & Stones, Life's An ItchShake Ur Groove Thing – Used holistically for stressed animals, for overly acidic stomachs, gastritis, colitis and for esophageal reflux (GERD).

Soothed & Serene,  Life's An Itch – Used holistically for nervousness, for anxiety, to aid sleep, to relax hypersensitive animals, for storms, travel and other stressful events.

Baby Love BitsSuper Model in a BottleSeal Em & Heal EmShake Ur Groove ThingI Feel Good – Used holistically for ear mites, as a flea dip (1 T. per gallon), for cuts and sores and as an antiseptic.

I AM A Rock Star, Dog & Cat Kryptonite – Used holistically to help support the thymus, for general endocrine support and balance, as an immune builder, for energy, and to increase T cell production.

Seal Em & Heal EmShake Ur Groove ThingGet Well SoonHepa Protect – Used holistically to help fight viruses, to support the liver, to aid digestion, for colds and a runny nose.

Yummy TummyJoint Ease, The Daily Paws, Life's An Itch  - Used holistically as a natural form of cortisone, steroid and antibiotic, for arthritis, rheumatism and inflammation, and for skin problems due to allergies. 




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