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What Is a Healing Episode (or Healing Crisis) in Dogs and Cats?

What is a Healing Episode (or Healing Crisis) in Dogs and Cats? Is it healthy? What should I know?

A healing episode, also referred to as a healing crisis, is usually an effect of detoxifying and cleansing your dog and cat of toxins and other serious foreign invaders such as toxin build up from environment, preventatives and vaccinations, Candida/yeast overgrowth, bladder and kidney stones, crystals and related inflammation and spirochete die-off related to Lyme disease.

It is similar to when you have a cold and use an herb, homeopathic or decongestant to get rid of bacteria or a virus from your body. It's normal to experience runny eyes and nose as your body cleanses the health problem. Similarly, when you introduce a corrective or detoxifying product into your dog or cat's diet, they may experience a purifying response. 

When your pet begins to experience a healing process, it is the result of several positive factors, including increased blood flow, proper metabolic rate, lymphatic cleansing, defective cells being reset and toxin elimination through the digestive and excretory systems.

It is referred to as a healing episode and crisis first because it is normally a visible response in your pet in the form of runny eyes or nose, but your pet could also be lethargic, sleep more, and may even have aches and pains. At first glance, this may not seem like progress, but it's actually evidence that aberrant cells and toxins are being removed from tissues, cells and cells walls, and are being prepped to move into the blood stream and out of the body. First your pet must get rid of unhealthy intruders before experiencing balanced wellness = "out with the old, in with the new." 

The time and intensity in which a healing episode may last is dependent on your pet's immune health, diet, environment inside and outside the house, breed, age and genetics. Your pet may have no symptoms or may have mild to severe symptoms. If your pet is quite sick prior to detoxifying, the symptoms could be more noticeable. However, detoxification occurs differently in each animal as well as each animal may respond differently to a corrective and detoxifying herb. In the end, they should ultimately enjoy improved health.

Classic symptoms of detoxification may include loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting, shedding, hair loss, flaky skin and skin rash. It doesn't sound good, but just like humans, when you have a toxin or foreign invader of some sort, it has to reach the surface in some fashion. It is the same for your pets.  It this occurs, you can reduce your pet's dosage by half. If your pet appears in discomfort, the suggested course is to discontinue use for 10-14 days, to reduce symptoms and discomfort for pet and pet parent and to allow native gut flora to reset. After 10-14 days, you can then slowly re-introduce the products back into your pet's diet to the suggested dosing.

Some animals may experience a few or all of the symptoms as their body heals from the inside out. The symptoms should not last more than 2 weeks, provided your pet is relatively healthy. If symptoms last more than 2 weeks, you should contact your vet as it may be an indication of a larger underlying heatlh problem.

Pets with a history of health problems or complications may experience longer episodes of detoxification. If these symptoms become severe, see your vet immediately. It is strongly suggested that you add a premium, pet friendly prebiotic/probiotic and digestive enzymes to your pet's diet beause detoxifying products are strongly anti-microbial and can upset native gut flora, which can also cause loose stools. You can also add a natural herbal product which helps supply critical prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and helps manage electrolyte balance in your dog and cat, if your pet experiences severe detoxification symptoms. When additional support is needed, see Tummy Gladiator and Yummy Tummy

As your pet enters into deeper phases of detoxification, you may want to reduce your pet's dosage by half for 10-14 days due to microbial "die off.'  Microbial die off is the rate in which toxins are sloughed off into the blood. The higher the toxin concentration, the higher rate of die off. Your pet may actually appear to get worse when high microbial die off occurs, as its body systems work hard to evict the pollutants. By reducing the dosage, you allow you pet to get used to the deeper phase of detoxification and elimination comfortably.  

A typical detoxification process should about 30 days, and may require much more time in serious conditions such as Candida or Lyme disease. Your pet will probably drink more water (please provide fresh, filtered water daily) and require more frequent bathroom breaks. You should consider adding a Probiotic to help balance native gut health and include moderate exercise to help stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage metabolism, which further encourages toxic elimination into the blood and out of the body. 

Please keep in mind that the end result of detoxification is a healthy, vibrant dog and cat which is no longer burdened by toxins and aberrant cells. Our pets struggle to deal with toxins found in food, water, vaccines, medications, our home environments (scented candles, laundry detergents, room and rug deodorizers), undiagnosed disease, stress and genetics. Your pet will very likely have a balanced immune system, which is critical in disease prevention, improved defenses against bacterial and viral invaders, including reduced susceptibility to allergies and infections, should have more energy, and you should see improvement in skin and coat. Detoxification may even promote longevity in your pet. Detoxification is recommended once annually; more often if your pet uses steroids or antibiotics. 

Consult your holistic veterinarian before administering natural detoxification products to determine if your dog or cat has underlying conditions. If during the detoxification process you observe any symptoms that concern you, stop the herbal regimen and contact your holistic veterinarian. 

Natura Petz Organics suggests, a gentle yet effective plant based supplement which synergistically flushes out all types of toxins from tissue, cell walls, cell lining and all organs, including the brain, such as Shake Ur Groove Thing or Cleanse & Detox Starter Pack. After detoxification if complete, it is suggested that you add in a support, such as Hepa Protect, to help tone and strengthen the liver and kidneys, the organs that are tasked with daily toxin elimination in your pet. Finally, introduce a reparative herbal into your pet’s health regimen that helps support balanced immunity and helps settle digestion, such as I Feel Good! for optimal results. 

In detoxifying regimens related to chronic diseases such as Lyme, you may want to discontinue detoxifying supplements for 7-10 days if your pet experiences a healing crisis, because microbial die-off related to Lyme disease will likely be much more pronounced and difficult for your dog or cat. After 7-10 days, resume at half dosage for one week. As your pet’s body adjusts to the regimen, you may increase up to the recommended dosage and complete the detox cycle. You may have to repeat this sequence for the duration as your pet continues a Lyme regimen.


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